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Ready Made Resources

Contingent Search To Find The Right Permanent Resource

Looking for the perfect candidates to fill your open positions can put your overall work production on hold but partnering with Ready Made Resources will not only enable your production to keep running at a steady pace but also elevate the stress of sourcing that right fit. Partnering with Ready Made Resources will enable you to be able to maintain the business-as-usual mindset while a team of Ready Made recruiters search for and secure that right labor force talent.

We have been the contingent recruiting partner for many Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and small- to mid-sized organizations, finding top talent in the Technology, Engineering, BioEngineering, Legal, Healthcare/Clinical, and Digital Marketing/Creative fields. Our contingent search methodology resolves around you not having to pay until the resource has proven that they can do the job!

Contingent Recruiting Fees

  • No upfront costs
  • You pay us only if you hire one of our candidates and he or she stays with your company for a agreed upon amount of time–simply put, in contingency search if we don’t find the candidate to fit your needs, you don't pay

Quality Candidate Resume Submittal

  • We show you the most qualified candidates as quickly as possible; generally in 3 resume submittal formats.
  • Past salaries and salary expectation is always discussed prior to our clients meeting with each candidate.
  • Full disclosure of candidate’s timeline of availability to start a new opportunity/role.

We believe that partnerships make every company that much stronger and we also believe that our skill set in being able to source and produce the best labor talent that is out there and available, make us, Ready Made Resources, an instant value add to any company’s portfolio of partners.